Offer FREE WiFi to your customers and automatically create a contact database with built in analytics and powerful marketing.

Safe, Secure and Legal


Custom Splash Pages


Social Log-In Options


Capture Customer Details


Gain Insight of Your Business


Track Customer Visits


Track Length of Visit


Send Visit Based Offers


Built In Email Marketing


Built In Social Marketing


  • Database
  • Captures

•  Name

•  Email

•  Age

•  Birthday

•  M/F

•  Location

•  Social Connections

•  More .  . .

Systtem Tracks


•  Date & Time of Visits

•  Number of Visits

•  Length of Visit

•  Social Connections

•  More


Marketing Power


•  Track Repeat Vs. New Visitors


•  Offer Promotions based on number of visits


•  Built-in email marketing


•  Social Marketing Integrated


•  Powerful Reporting & Analytics

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